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Before heading out on your boating trip, use the boating checklist to ensure you haven't forgotten anything.

Required Equipment (varies state to state)
Float plan
Display of bow numbers
Display of registration decals
Registration card onboard
Fire extinguisher
Spare propulsion
Bailing device
One personal flotation device (PFD) for each person onboard
Type 4 PFD
Proper navigation lights
Meets noise/muffler requirements
Adequate ventilation
Approved flame arrestor
Capacity plate displayed
Hull identification number
Liability insurance
Additional Equipment
Flashlight and charged batteries
First aid kit
Boarding ladder
Tool kit
Extra rope
Anchor and line
Visual distress signals
Spare spark plugs
Spare bilge plugs
Spare propellers
Copy of the navigation rules
Spare bailing bucket
VHF marine band radio
Heaving lines
Bell - if required by boat size
Mooring lines (bow, stern, and spring lines)


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