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Before heading out on your hunting trip, use the hunting checklist to ensure you haven't forgotten anything.

Before You Go
Apply for special tags or permits
Obtain written landowner permission
Pre-season scouting
Purchase hunting license
Purchase or reload ammunition
Purchase plane tickets (for out-of-state hunts)
Reserve camp site
Schedule vacation time
Sight in rifle

Calls, Scents, and Lures
Game scents and attractants
Game calls
Masking scents

Blaze orange hat or vest (required by law in some states)
Camoflauge clothing (shirts, hats, pants, gloves)
Other clothing (see camping checklist)
Scent masking clothing (shirts, hats, pants, gloves)

Field Gear and Accessories
Camping equipment (see camping checklist)
Colored ribbon (for tracking purposes)
First-aid kit (see first aid kit checklist)
Game bags
Hunter's seat or cushion
Ice (to pack in cavity)
Internal organ bags
Pack or cart
Safety and emergency gear (see camping checklist)
Survival kit (see survival kit checklist)
Tree stand and safety belt
Guns and Ammunition
Gun cleaning kit
Range finder
Hunting or pocket knife
Knife sharpener
Bone saw
Rifle and sling
Scope and scope cover

Licenses, Tags, and Regulations
Bird stamps
Game regulations (current)
Hunting license
Hunting tags and permits

After the Hunt
Fill out and mail harvest report card
Process game
Arrange for taxidermist
Clean and store gear
Contact private landowners (if applicable) to share your experience and thank them


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