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Home / Hunting / Reviews / Cass Creek Game Calls


Cass Creek Game Calls
  by Jeremy Henricks

When calling game, it pays to be consistent and use the right call at the right time. If you're a novice caller like me, you know how frustrating it is to have game within distance, and then spook them away by producing a sound that doesn't come close to resembling anything that nature intended.

Of course, no one becomes an expert at game calling without lots of practice. However, Cass Creek Game Calls has produced a handheld electronic game call that'll have you luring in game time after time.

Cass Creek Game Calls offers their shock and water resistant calls for every type of hunting, including:

  • Duck
  • Elk
  • Goose
  • Predator
  • Spring gobbler (coming Spring 2004)
  • Turkey
  • Whitetail deer

Cass Creek Game CallsWhen Cass Creek Game Calls sent me their new deer call I was eager to try it out. After unwrapping it from the package, I was immediately impressed with its rugged design. The exterior's green camouflage casing resembles bark, which is a nice touch. The device itself is about the size of a walkie-talkie and fits snugly in my hand.

The face of the game call has a speaker at the top and five buttons beneath the speaker. Depending on which call you have, each button represents a different call or sound. For example, the deer call has the following sounds:

  • Buck grunt - A communication and mating call of a buck trailing a doe
  • Snort/wheeze - Highly aggressive call made by a dominant buck just prior to fighting another buck
  • Tending grunt - A short, low, and blunt vocalization made by an eager buck prior to mating a doe
  • Lost fawn - A stressful, drawn out call used by young deer often when separated from their mother
  • Rattling antler - A call to watch two bucks fight often draws a third attempting to steal the doe

Each press of the button produces a life-like sound, as it should. Most of the calls are actual, authentic game calls recorded in the wild by professional video photographers and game naturalists. The deer call I tested was recorded by Gary Griffen, whose wildlife specials have aired nationally on the Discovery Channel. The only exception is the waterfowl call, which was recorded by national champion callers.

Cass Creek Game CallsThe call can be used with one hand, allowing for minimal movement when operating the call. It seems to favor the right hand, as I could adjust the volume and press the buttons with my thumb with ease. Using my left hand, I have to adjust the volume with my middle finger and press the buttons with my thumb. Switching between either method should not be a problem for most people.

Another handy feature is the audio out port. You can use this for the optional external speaker, or with headphones to listen to the sounds without disrupting those around you. This is perfect for when you're at home and you're trying to perfect your call, or in the classroom when you're teaching others how to call. As one would expect, plugging headphones into the audio out port disables the built-in speaker.


  • True sound recordings
  • Convenient single hand-held size and operation minimizes movement
  • Natural bark camouflage finish blends into natural environment
  • Convenient belt clip or strap clip
  • Dial volume control for easy regulation
  • "Sure hold" rubberized grip
  • Lightweight - easy to carry
  • Easy to operate push button sound activation
  • One finger selection allows for in close calling - five call selection
  • Light on/off indicator
  • Operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included)


Overall, I was impressed with this handheld game call. The design is unique and rugged, has a good array of quality sounds, and offers great value to anyone wanting to perfect their calling or lure game in close. The audio out port and belt clip also round out this nicely equipped electronic game call.

Initially I was concerned that certain sounds were too low. The volume is plenty loud, but I'm curious how it'll sound in the field. After showing the call to a few hunting partners, they felt that it would be loud enough. Also, since there are fewer noises outdoors, the sound should carry just fine. Cass Creek Game Calls also offers an external speaker — or you can purchase one elsewhere — so this concern is probably a mute issue.

Since deer season hasn't opened for rifle hunting, I still haven't had a chance to use the call out in the field. However, I'll be reporting back on my findings later in the season, so keep watching this space for more information.

More Information

MSRP: $29.95
Retail Price: $17 to $20
Available: September 2003
Options: External speaker

For more information about this unique game call, visit the Cass Creek Game Calls Web site, or contact Cass Creek Game Calls through email.

Legal Issues

Cass Creek Game Calls are legal in many states. Outside of the USA, game calling restrictions are quite lenient. As with other hunting techniques, states and specific zones within those states have particular restrictions across the nation. Even isolated regions within states zones have certain hunting requirements. Game laws change on a yearly basis, with each state controlling the regulations of their counties based on game populations and many other factors. Cass Creek advises that you check your local game laws for all legal and proper hunting methods.


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