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Why Prepare for a Disaster
General Preparedness Information
Emergency Planning and Disaster Supplies
Animals in Disaster
Recovering From Disaster
Natural Hazards
Winter Storms and Extreme Cold
Extreme Heat (Heat Wave)
Landslide and Debris Flow (Mudslide)
Technological and Man-Made Hazards
Hazardous Materials Incidents
Nuclear Power Plants
National Security Emergencies

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Home / Outdoor Survival / Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness


Are You Ready?
A Guide to Citizen Preparedness

This guide has been prepared for direct dissemination to the general public and is based on the most reliable hazard awareness and emergency education information available at the time of publication, including advances in scientific knowledge, more accurate technical language, and the latest physical research on what happens in disasters.

This publication is, however, too brief to cover every factor, situation, or difference in buildings, infrastructure, or other environmental features that might be of interest. To help you explore your interest further, additional sources of information have been compiled in the "For More Information" chapter.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Prepare for a Disaster
  2. General Preparedness Information
    1. Emergency Planning and Disaster Supplies
      1. Creating a disaster plan
      2. Emergency planning for people with special needs
      3. Disaster supply kits
    2. Evacuation
    3. Shelter
      1. Long-term in-place sheltering
      2. Staying in a mass care shelter
    4. Mitigation
    5. Animals in Disaster
    6. Recovering From Disaster
      1. Mental health and crisis counseling
  3. Natural Hazards
    1. Floods
    2. Hurricanes
    3. Thunderstorms
      1. Lightning
      2. Tornadoes
    4. Winter Storms and Extreme Cold
    5. Extreme Heat (Heat Wave)
      1. Emergency water shortages
    6. Earthquakes
    7. Volcanoes
    8. Landslide and Debris Flow (Mudslide)
    9. Tsunamis
    10. Fire
      1. Wildland fires
  4. Technological and Man-Made Hazards
    1. Hazardous Materials Incidents
      1. Household chemical emergencies
    2. Nuclear Power Plants
    3. National Security Emergencies
      1. Terrorism
      2. Chemical and biological weapons
      3. Nuclear and radiological attack
      4. Homeland security advisory system
  5. For More Information
    1. Citizen Corps
    2. CERT
    3. Disaster Public Education Websites
    4. Independent Study Courses

Credits: FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)


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